Experts in the manufacture and specialized printing of containers and packaging.

PET containers for every industry
Polyethylene Terephthalate is the most recyclable plastic in the world, making it ideal for the creation of containers. It is extremely versatile, that is why we have over 100 different container models with the option to color each one to make them truly unique.
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Thin wall containers with personalized dry offset printing
These containers are ideal to store food products since they provide protection against contaminants and smells through an aseptic barrier. They can withstand temperatures from -40 up to 70 degrees Celsius. We also have a photographic quality printing service for every container.
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Offset printing for every kind of commercial packaging
Offset printing is a printing system derived from lithography. It has an aluminum printing plate that has a UV Photopolymer that reveals the image when laser engraved. This plate is mounted in a cylinder inside the machine and is partially humidified. Once it gets the ink, it is deposited in the chosen printing material. Usually 4 base ink colors are used for printing. We use 8.
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